What uniform does my player need and where can I buy uniform?

Our uniform is:

  • shirt is yellow and black stripe 
  • black shorts
  • gold socks
  • shinpads
  • boots (no metal studs)

Visit our store to purchase your playing short and all your seasons gear.


Password: Clev17

When do teams train?

First Kicks and Fun Football do not have a regular training evening (although Development sessions are occaisionaly provided).  Please keep a watch on our Facebook Page for these updates.

Juniors and Youth trainings will be confirmed once teams are formed and coaches are appointed, however most trainings occur one week night usually between 4-5pm at the Clevedon showgrounds. 

For more information please see our 2024 season tab.


When and Where are the games?

Kura Kicks/Small Whites (5-8 year olds) play Friday Evenings at McLennan Park in Papakura

Juniors play Saturdays and play at home (Clevedon Showgrounds) and away at other clubs around Auckland (generally these will be South Auckland Clubs).

For more information please see our 2024 season tab.

What are our Subs?

Kura Kicks/Small Whites teams subs are $60 per person.

Junior Team annual fees are $120 per person. 

Youth Team annual fees are $140 per person.

There is a discount of ten percent if you have three or more children playing for CFC.  Please contact us for more information.

What are our bank account details?

Bank Account: 02-1256-0030654-83